The Five Smallest Frymaster Parts That Can Cause The Biggest Problems

Frying up some great foods is never as simple as it sounds. When running a busy restaurant, the fryer is needed on a daily basis. One malfunction can cause a lot of problems and with so many parts, it may be hard to determine the exact issue. As you troubleshoot your fryer, consider five of the smallest parts found in the machine. These parts can cause big problems, including the functioning of your fryer as a whole.

When you order Frymaster parts from places like K & D Factory Service Inc, the following five parts are some of the smallest you will find.


The filter pan is an essential part of any deep fryer. When the part malfunctions, it can be a big problem or a problem as small as the O-Ring. The O-Ring is a small plastic or metal ring used to connect the drainage pipe to the filter pan base. Through extended use, this ring can wear down or even fall off. Luckily, when you need to replace the O-ring, the process is easy to complete.

The O-Ring is usually sold in a package of multiple rings. This is because many other parts of the fryer use an O-Ring. It is typically used for any pipe connections and will help seal metal on metal contact areas. When you order the O-Ring, it's a good idea to save the spares so you can make quick repairs when a problem occurs.

Fryer Relays

A lot of electronics are used to keep a fryer operational. To help control and separate different components, your fryer operates on a variety of relays. These small electronic switches help control different elements of the fryer. This includes the ability to raise temperatures, set timers, and operate the LCD screen power. When a relay fails, you will likely lose a function of your fryer.

The replacement relays that are needed come in a variety of volts and sizes. An electronic board built into the fryer features all of these relays. Follow the error diagnostic codes on your fryer to determine what replacement relay is needed.

Sound Devices

One part that you can easily take for granted on your fryer is a high output sound device. These devices are responsible for the beeps, alarms, and audible alerts that go off while the fryer is in use. A fryer sound device may create a lot of noise, but it's no bigger than a half dollar.

When the sound device malfunctions, it can cause items to burn when timer indicators do not go off. The replacement of the sound device is a simple process that only requires the attachment of a few cables. This replacement part has multiple options, too. For example, you can choose different sound tones or select a device that features louder sounds.

Flip Switches

Grease, oil, and other food elements can cause problems for some of your deep fryer controls. This is especially true for flip switches that power on the fryer. When a flip switch gets clogged or jammed, it can prevent your fryer from turning on. The smallest piece of debris can cause a jam on this tiny part.

When you upgrade your flip switch, you can choose from a lighted or unlighted switch. A lighted switch will illuminate the power "On" and "Off" options so you can easily see them. Before making the upgrade, it's important to check if your fryer is compatible with a lighted switch.

Temperature Probe

The key to creating crisp fries and beautiful pieces of chicken is by maintaining oils at the right temperature. The temperature in your fryer is controlled by a small part known as the probe. When the temperature probe malfunctions, the fryer can get too hot, cool too quickly, and provide inconsistent cooking times. Along with the bad cooking, error codes may load on the fryer.

The probe installation is a simple one-step process. The probe is plugged into the port and inserted into the default location. Upgrading to a new probe will help you get the most accurate temperatures possible.

The best thing about ordering and replacing small parts is that the shipping is often a lot cheaper than some of the bigger and bulkier parts.