Perfectly Portioned Burgers That Have A Uniform Appearance

Do you wish that you could accurately portion meat patties and adjust the thickness of a burger? If you and your cooking staff have been preparing everything by hand, there may be many occasions in which a burger has fragmented edges. Don't settle for a sloppy burger style that may not appeal to your customers. Use hamburger moulder equipment to assist with preparing beef, turkey, lamb, or pork patties.

Moulder Equipment Consists of Plates and Presses

A commercial grade moulder contains a circular base that has indentations in it. The indentations are the areas where ground meat should be added. A plate is used to customize the size of each patty. This will allow you to create mini sliders or jumbo burgers, as well as standard-sized burgers. After you season meat and place it inside of each indentation, secure a plate to the press lid.

Fold the lid downward to shape each patty. Spin the circular base to access the new patty that needs to be shaped. With this type of setup, you will be assured that meat will not be wasted, due to creating burgers that are thicker and a larger diameter than what you have instructed your cooking staff to produce.

The accurate usage of meat will make it possible for you to pinpoint how many burgers can be created, based upon the amount of ground meat products that you have in your restaurant's freezer or refrigerator. You can also purchase a moulder unit that possesses a single meat holder and press. This will allow you to create burgers on demand, yet the equipment won't take up as much room as a larger piece of equipment that is designed to shape multiple meat products.

Equipment Will Eliminate Uneven Cooking

It can be difficult to pinpoint when a meat patty is the same thickness throughout. Even if raw meat appears to be uniform in size, one side could be slightly denser than the other one. As a result, uneven cooking could become an issue and some parts of a burger could have scorch marks on it, after a burger has been fried or grilled.

A moulder will eliminate this type of mishap. Specify the amount of time that you would like each menu item to be cooked. After each raw patty is shaped, instruct your cooking staff to prepare the burgers on the grill or stovetop. The accuracy of the moulding equipment may make it easier for your staff members to stay on top of the orders that they are responsible for preparing.