Four Reasons To Choose Full-Service Catering For Your Private Event

When it comes to catering, there are lots of different options to choose from. Some caterers deliver food to your door, while others set up the buffet table and add warmers to food trays before leaving. A full-service caterer provides a host of benefits for private events, making it easy for the host to focus more on entertaining guests and less on preparing the meal. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider a full-service caterer for your private event. 

Liquor Control

A full-service caterer can provide your event with a bartender and a fully stocked bar. The bartending staff takes on the responsibility of checking I.D. cards before serving and ensuring guests are not over-served at your event. This can help minimize liability should someone become hurt or damage your venue, and it can also provide you with peace of mind. Having a full-service caterer with bartenders isn't only about safety. Trained bartenders can whip up signature drinks and classic cocktails to make your event special. 

Provided Tableware

Setting a formal table takes some time, but the end result gives your private event the perfect finishing touch. Your full-service caterer can provide everything from polished flatware to expertly folded cloth napkins, adding a breathtaking look to your event venue. To ensure a seamless appearance, be sure to discuss your party's theme and colors in advance. This can make it easier for the caterer to match the place settings, including napkins and chargers, to your preferred design aesthetic. 

Plated Meal Service

Even at fancy events, buffets can sometimes seem a bit too casual. With traditional drop-off catering, guests are left to serve themselves, and that means more work for your partygoers at mealtime. Instead, opt for full-service catering, which provides plated meal service and wait staff to dish out the meals. The wait staff can also pour wine, refill drinks from the bar, and chat with guests to make sure the meal is going smoothly. For black-tie events, the wait staff can even be required to come dressed for the occasion to give your private event a swanky upgrade. 

Cleanup Services

Your full-service catering company will be bringing all the elements to your party for meals, drinks, and desserts, but they also stay afterward to clean up. This means tables are cleared, leftovers are packed away, and, in some cases, tables are broken down and put away. For a host, having cleanup taken care of for you can make the event much easier for you to manage. Ask your catering company what's included in the cleanup before you sign your contract. You can also ask about having leftovers placed in your vehicle or delivered to your home for sharing with friends and family the next day. 

For more information on full-service catering, contact a company near you.